Sha'ab Claudio

Is a well-known site due to the fabulous reef formation, as at the mooring south side there are many different shallow entrances and exits to the caves and tunnels around 8m deep, and at the west side there is an incredibly amazing coral garden starting from 5m till 22m deep, also there are a resident school of Bannerfish and lovely Napoleon family at the south mooring area.
Such a stunning site for photographers.

Sha'ab Maksur

Is a very large reef with two large plateaus on the north and south sides, while the east and west sides are more than 100m deep drop-offs.
North plateau is doable only when the sea is calm, plateau starts from 18m near the reef wall and sloping to 40m deep and very rich of soft corals and gorgonians, at the north west there is a very beautiful crack starts from 33m and ends +60m deep, above the plateau there are a school of barracudas and many coral fishes, while other pelagic fishes such as reef sharks, hammerheads, dolphins and manta rays are often seen.
South Plateau starts from 16m and sloping to 35m deep, also full of soft corals and gorgonians and there are two pinnacles close to the mooring area that are suitable for safety stop. Turtles, napoleons, tunas are frequently spotted along with many reef fishes

Habili Ali

Spectacular coral formations, with some huge gorgonians and sea whips. Big pelagic fishes, Grey reef sharks are commonly spotted, Hammerhead sharks, Silky Sharks and manta rays are also encountered