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Menu 1 2 3 4 5
1 Tomato soup Oregano rice Grilled chicken Potatoes with tomato sauce Steamed peas
2 Capelli d'angelo soup Rice with mushrooms Roast beef Roast potatoes Steamed broccoli
3 Vegetables soup with capelli d'angelo White rice Meat rolls with vegetables Mashed potatoes Steamed broccoli
4 Tomato soup Rice with vegetables Tenderloin steak Rosemary potatoes Baked pumpkin
5 Lisan asfour soup White rice Chicken rolls with vegetables French fries Steamed mixed vegetables
6 Broccoli soup Tomato rice Tenderloin with green pepper sauce Potatoes with paprika Mixed grilled vegetables
7 Red lentil soup Rice with cinnamon Mexican meat Mashed potatoes Steamed cauliflower
8 Onion soup White rice Grilled fish Jack potatoes Steamed peas
9 Red lentil soup White rice Roast chicken Potatoes stuffed with vegetables Steamed green beans
10 Peas soup Rice with carrots Egyptian kofta Baked potatoes with milk Steamed cauliflower
11 Tomato soup White rice Roast beef Mashed potatoes Baked pumpkin
12 Lisan asfour soup Egyptian rice Goulash Potatoes with sesame Steamed carrots
13 Rice with dried fruit BBQ Grilled zucchini Potatoes with turmeric Steamed green beans
14 Mixed seafood appetizer Onion soup White rice Salmon fillet Potatoes with sesame
15 Red lentil soup White rice Roast chicken Potatoes with curry Steamed peas
16 Lisan asfour soup White rice Roast beef French fries Mixed vegetables
17 Vegetables soup Turmeric rice Fresh fish specialties Rosemary potatoes Steamed green beans
18 Capelli d'angelo soup White rice Roast chicken Roast potatoes Steamed zucchini


Coca Cola / Coca Light / Coca Zero
Sprite / Sprite Zero
Juice Mango / Appie
Juice Pineapple / Guava
Sparkling water
Tea, nescafe and tisane
Meister max
Cape Bay red ( Merlot)
Cape Bay white ( Chardonnay)
Champagne ( Merlot or C.R.)
Whisky ( Ballantine's)
Rhum (Bacardi Gold)